Diana Dumbrava, SOC Analystin & Diversity Officer


Diana Dumbrava

I hope to motivate others to be more daring, to dare to make mistakes, and to make choices that lead to a more self-determined life.

How did you get involved with DCSO? 

It’s very important to me to do a job that allows me to help people and that also benefits society. I get a lot of pleasure from solving problems. DCSO combines these intersections for me. I also find the community service aspect very interesting. In hindsight, I’ve also found that a collegial and family-oriented workplace is important to me. I feel most comfortable in an appreciative work environment where people are the focus. That’s what I found at DCSO.   

Looking back, what has been the best decision you’ve made so far in your career?  

One of the best decisions was to make a lateral move into a technical profession. I have experienced that if you are willing to learn and have a certain openness and curiosity, life gives you much more in return. 

What would you like to pass on to other people? 

I hope that I can motivate others to dare to make mistakes and to make decisions that lead to a more self-determined life. By that I also mean decisions that are perhaps off the grid and a bit more unconventional. Just say: If I’m not happy in my situation or curious about something new – then I dare to take the step! Dare to change something! 


  • Today:
    SOC Analyst & Diversity Officer at DCSO

  • In the past:
    Studies in International Relations & Politics, Youth Manager, Lecturer and Education Manager