Security Assessment

Complex requirements must be satisfied when working with external service providers. By providing you with an objective and unbiased assessment of the security level, we create transparency so that you can make well-founded decisions.

Risk assessment

We support your own risk assessment during the course of (cloud) sourcing projects by providing you with an expert opinion.


We assist your internal organisation by helping you to man-age and control the (cloud) providers that you use.


We assess providers independently and neutrally to provide you with objective results.

Maturity-based information concerning the security level

Using our maturity-based assessment framework, we assess the security level of the providers (vendors) and provide clear results that can be integrated into your company’s own risk assessments.

We repeat this independent assessment of the providers at periodic intervals. You therefore have permanent access to information on the status of the security level of a service provider that has already been assessed.



More details for less risk

The subject areas under assessment range from security management to data protection and security architecture. We offer you detailed assessments supplemented by an overview of the threats resulting from the use of a particular (cloud) service. This allows you to not only take the recommendations of our experts as a basis for your decisions, but will also make sure that risks are assessed and mitigated more effectively.



Universality and benchmarks

Our process for measuring the maturity levels enables not only benchmarking, but also the targeted measurement and further development of the security level of your own organisational units, subsidiaries, and service areas.