Incident Response

Our IR team helps you to prepare for targeted attacks by professional actors and organised criminals as well as to recognise and defend against such attacks.

Emergency assistance

In an emergency, we will provide you with comprehensive support, including advice and immediate measures that you can act upon. Because nothing is worse than being left alone during an incident.


We have been designated a "certified APT response service provider" by the German Federal Office for Information Security.


Prepare for the next incident in the aftermath of the current one: If necessary, we will help you to set up a sustainable and resilient infrastructure.

We understand advanced persistent threats (APT)

Anyone can become the target of organised crime or industrial espionage. Attackers are increas-ingly re-appropriating tools for company network administration tools to perpetrate their attacks. This makes detecting such attacks much more difficult. Our Digital Forensics & Incident Re-sponse (DFIR) specialists have many years of experience in analysing and defending against targeted attacks on corporate and government networks. Therefore, we know how attackers work.

Let’s prepare for emergencies together

The close interlinking of incident response, threat intelligence, and threat detection enables us to take swift and effective action against industrial espionage, sabotage, and organised crime. If you fall victim to a major attack, we not only help you to analyse (investigate) the incident, but together we can prepare and carry out the remediation stage. The findings of the incident analy-sis are applied during the post-remediation phase to help design and construct a resilient infra-structure. These will help you to initiate the necessary measures to sustainably maintain the new level of security.

Incident response readiness

Together we can simulate an attack and identify potential processes and structures that can be optimised.

Incident compromise assessment

Attackers often go undetected for years. We find the traces of current and past attacks and advise you on suitable measures that you can take.


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