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Successful cybersecurity is a solo effort. But networking with peers and experts offers the potential to share and increase knowledge and to ultimately protect yourself more effectively.


By connecting with peers and DCSO experts, you will learn how other organizations address daily cyber security challenges.

Confident decision-making

Based on the recommendations of our experts, you can make informed decisions and do the right things at the right time.


Stay on top of an increasingly complex cybersecurity landscape.

DCSO Community

Become a member
of our strong community

The competence to provide analysis of complex situations: As a member of our DCSO community, you will receive up-to-date and relevant information that will allow you to independently assess hazards and security solutions for your company independent of the specific manufacturer.

The direct interaction between our DCSO experts and other community members allows for a unique exchange of experiences and access to exclusive content.

  • A secure place where you can communicate with community members and DCSO experts

  • Engage in regular discussions with our experts, and receive concrete recommendations for action

  • Manufacturer-independent product overviews

  • Receive the latest and exclusive updates on the security situation


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Michael Landen

Community Manager