Threat Intelligence

Thanks to our use of tactical, operational, and strategic threat intelligence, you can make informed decisions to effectively protect yourself against attacks and to take sustainable countermeasures.

Threat situation at a glance

The geopolitical situation and its impact on cyberspace and technical indicators are needed to mount a successful defence.


Our analysts know what is important: They enrich information, put it in context, and evaluate it.

Basis for decision-making

Be well informed thanks to various report formats and additional technical indicators.

As attackers improve their capabilities, security experts must rethink their strategy

Company IT landscapes are exposed to threats and attacks that are becoming more and more frequent and complex. Often we only find out about an attack after it has happened. We can help you to sustainably protect yourself by correctly answering the “why” question.

Our collective expertise is what defines us

The ability of our team to provide you with a thorough analysis allows us to recognise current and emerging threats and risks in time. In addition to systematically collecting information from open, commercial, and closed sources and conducting manual research, we also use our own sensors. We are constantly enrich-ing these discoveries with further findings: From discussions with our community, security authorities, CERTs, and interest groups.

IoC Feeds – personalised and high quality

Our Threat Intelligence Engine (TIE) aggregates, normalises, and contextualises indicators of compromise (IoC) from sources we select and makes these indicators available to you via a modern API. Regardless of whether you rely on a web proxy, a SIEM, a network analysis system, or an analyst, the API allows you to create custom tailored feeds. After all, threat intelligence is only really valuable and useful when it is com-piled, analysed, and evaluated by analysts, in other words, it must be put in digestible form.


Ad-hoc Reports

Identify acute processes that can be organised into reports for management: e.g., critical 0-day exploits or incidents that will be picked up in the daily press.

Weekly TI Reports

You will receive a report on the three to five most important topics each week, including facts, sources, analysis, evaluation, and recommendations for action, i.e., everything you need for a well-founded assessment.

Strategic Reports

Extensive research into the topics that affect our community: From analyses of attacker groups and attack methods to malware families.


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