With our managed services, you withstand. Thanks to enriched threat intelligence, mature technologies, and our highly skilled analysts, you meet attackers on equal footing and conserve your resources.

Threat Intelligence

Knowing and understanding your own threat situation in a geopolitical context enables more targeted defense.

  • Research, classification and recommendations for action from highly qualified analysts
  • Fully informed with various report formats and technical indicators for integration into your own processes
  • Includes insights from the DCSO community and security agencies

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Incident Response

After the incident is before the incident. Whether it’s an emergency response, a compromise assessment or a readiness assessment, we support you along the entire security incident lifecycle.

  • Qualified by the German Federal Office for Information Security as an APT response service provider
  • Close integration of Incident Response, Threat Intelligence and Threat Detection

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Internet Exposure Monitoring

When sharing data, you also give up direct control over what happens to it. Sometimes this data unintentionally ends up on the Internet, exposing sensitive information. With us you keep track of your company’s digital footprint:

  • Monitoring of the entire IPv4 address space, over 100 million websites and relevant parts of the darknet
  • Our analysts assess relevance and criticality
  • Identify the origin of the data leak so that the problem can be remediated at the source

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Threat Detection and Hunting

Early and reliable detection of professional attacks to successfully defend enterprise networks and reduce the burden on your SOC team.

  • Unique network sensor technology developed by incident responders to detect and resolve attacks
  • Curated security content
  • Analysis and validation by our team of experts

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