With our managed services, you withstand. Thanks to enriched threat intelligence, mature technologies, and our highly skilled analysts, you meet attackers on equal footing and conserve your resources.

Threat Detection & Hunting

Detecting highly complex attacks or data leaks requires special visibility into your endpoints and networks as well as awareness for your digital footprint.

  • Network sensor technology developed by incident responders to detect and resolve attacks
  • Identify the origin of the data leak so the problem can be remediated at the source
  • Our analysts assess relevance and criticality

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Threat Intelligence

Knowing and understanding your own threat situation in a geopolitical context enables more targeted defense.

  • Research, classification and recommendations for action from highly qualified analysts
  • Fully informed with various report formats and technical indicators for integration into your own processes
  • Includes insights from the DCSO community and security agencies

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Incident Response

After the incident is before the incident. Whether it’s an emergency response, a compromise assessment or a readiness assessment, we support you along the entire security incident lifecycle.

  • Qualified by the German Federal Office for Information Security as an APT response service provider
  • Close integration of Incident Response, Threat Intelligence and Threat Detection

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