Security Technology

The market for IT security products is dynamic and difficult to keep track of. Regardless of the manufacturer, our security technology services provide you with an overview and enables you to make an informed product decision.


We keep an eye out for solutions in the IT security market that meet your requirements.


We independently test solutions according to functional and non-functional requirements and to identify the ones that are best suited to the German market.


In addition to providing you with individually tailored results, we would be happy to offer advice about which of the tested solutions suits you best

Information for decision-makers

We not only pay attention to the functional aspects of the product, but we also verify other non-functional criteria, which are often neglected during the decision-making process. Our extensive tests create a solid basis for decision-making. You can then weigh and compare the results individually in order to identify the right product for your application.

A community of experts

You benefit from the experiences of the other participants in the Expert Community in our community discus-sion group. The community determines which areas of the IT security market we should focus on and proposes relevant topic clusters for us to evaluate. This is how we create synergies without neglecting any of the individual requirements.

Technology and architecture consulting

We derive detailed knowledge of trends and products from our tests. Use our experience and contacts to efficiently evaluate solutions. We help you to write the specification, analyse the market and select products by providing tailor-made information.

Draw on an abundance of resources

By accessing independent and well-grounded product information from the IT security market.

Efficiency at a glance

Free up resources at your own company and benefit from the synergies that DCSO can offer.

Fully informed

We provide the foundation so that you can safely make strategic decisions.