Our services
for your security

Position yourself along the Security Incident Lifecycle. We support you every step of the way.

  • Defend

    Recognizing your own threat exposure, understanding it and being able to control its effects makes all the difference.

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    • Threat Intelligence

      The daily change in threats poses significant challenges to organizations. To strengthen your defenses, we continuously provide technical indicators, as well as the appropriate answers to the “why”. In this way, we provide you with sustainable support to protect yourself.

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    • Internet Exposure Monitoring

      Information and identities are valuable assets. If they are in the wrong hands or if data leaks remain undetected, usually the entire organisation has to face consequences. We find your sensitive data on the Internet and help you clean it up.

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    • Threat Detection and Hunting

      Companies are constantly in the focus of professional attackers. Visibility into your own traffic is a crucial factor for successful defense. A combination of our sensors, algorithms and analysts detects attacks and attack attempts in your networks so you do not need to worry.

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    • Incident Response

      Anyone can become a target of organised crime or industrial espionage. In the event of an incident, you need an experienced, reliable and capable partner to help your organisation manage the crisis.

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  • Improve

    Technologies, security standards and requirements are evolving rapidly and continuously. Aligning these aspects with the needs of one's own organisation enables well-founded decision making.

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    • Technology Scouting & Evaluation​

      The dynamic market for IT security products is difficult to survey. We support you in finding relevant solutions for the individual needs of your company, independent of manufacturers.

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    • Vendor Assessment

      Working with external service providers can have many advantages, but only if the security level also meets your company’s information security, data protection and compliance requirements.

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