With customized information security consulting and neutral product analyses, we jointly identify potentials and risks. This enables you to support and further develop your entire company.

Security Consulting

Every business has specific operational needs which require an individually tailored security strategy.

We will help you find customised solutions to optimize your information security and support you in the implementation of strategic security measures.

Our experts provide professional consulting in numerous areas:

  • Strategic information security
  • IT security architecture
  • Identity & access management
  • Cyber security incident management

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Security Assessment

The security level of suppliers and your own security level should match and be compatible. With our approach we can measure the maturity level of your organization and processes as well as the maturity level of your suppliers. This creates transparency and trust. The results support you in investment decisions and budget prioritization.
• Objective assessment based on a comprehensive test catalogue which includes common compliance standards
• Transparent and comprehensible benchmarking results
• Consulting on the development of your own security level

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Security Technology

Only those who are aware of all relevant aspects can make an informed decision. That’s why we give you the best possible basis for doing so by providing you with our comprehensive security product tests.

  • Testing of functional and non-functional product features
  • Individual weighting of results possible
  • Consulting on suitable product solutions

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