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    Everyone has data leaks – Decide if your data is falling into the wrong hands

    Any organization can produce data leaks through misconfigurations or careless errors, but it doesn’t have to be that way. CybelAngel and the DCSO partner to offer a preventative data leakage solution to minimize damage. In our ExperTalk, you will learn more about the problem of leaked information and get an overview of recent examples. Our experts will also show you how to protect your company best.

    • 14. April 2021

    • 10:00-10:45

    • Paul Kogelheide & Abdullah Kartal


    Is network-based threat detection still relevant?

    A changing infrastructure. Shifting workloads to the cloud. Expanded capabilities on endpoints. Is it even possible to detect cyber attacks in the network these days? These and other questions will be discussed in the DCSO ExperTalk with case studies by our colleague Thomas Hemker.

    • 25. March 2021

    • 16:00-16:45

    • Thomas Hemker


    Security Trends 2025 –
    Concepts, Products, Practice

    In this webcast, Stefan Wieczorek (Director Technology Evaluation and Consulting) presents how IT security in companies will change by 2025. Using examples, this talk shows that many areas will experience a strong change over the next few years. You will learn which will be the ones affected and where modern solutions can offer an advantage over the current standard.

    • 25. February 2021

    • 16:00-16:45

    • Stefan Wieczorek


    Cloud Vendor Assessment –How secure is your cloud provider?

    The use of cloud providers has become an indispensable part of today’s business life. But before deciding to work with a cloud vendor, key questions arise: Is data secure enough with them? What specifically is the cloud provider doing to protect our data? The DCSO Cloud Vendor Assessment evaluates the information security processes and security mechanisms in place and thus ensures real risk transparency.

    • 28. January 2021

    • 16:00-16:45

    • Holger Kaschner & Vincent Oppelland