Internet Exposure Monitoring

Our comprehensive managed service affords you an overview of your digital footprint. We help you to avoid possible attack scenarios by finding publicly leaked files and identifying compromised access credentials.

24/7 leak detection

Our unique scanning service performs a sweep of the entire IPv4 range and over 100+ mil-lion websites.

Detailed warning messages

Our focus on identifying the sources of leaks and the affected instances allows problems to be remedied faster.

Personal contact persons

Our individualised customer approach reduces the number of false positives: Our analysts rate the relevance and criticality.

Stay on top of your digital footprint

Our solution offers two use cases, which function independently of each other and which complement each other perfectly. We offer them to you as fully managed services:

Information leakage monitoring

We search all corners of the Internet for leaked, publicly accessible files and thus prevent your data from getting into the wrong hands. Regardless of whether it is contracts, construction plans, confidential agree-ments, etc., if your documents fall into the wrong hands, it can present a dire threat to your company. Thanks to our unique technical capabilities and our SOC analysts, we report only relevant results to you in comprehensive, enriched reports so that you can concentrate on your essential core business.

Identity leakage monitoring

Our Account Takeover Prevention solution allows us to discover your company’s compromised credentials & PII. Our SOC analysts provide you with a full picture of your current data breaches using HUMINT (Hu-man Intelligence) and support you with a comprehensive analysis and enrichment of the compromised data so that you can react before possible attackers break into your networks.

In good time

Get access to leaked data before it becomes a problem thanks to our unique infor-mation gathering method.


Quickly understand the extent and impact of an alert based on contextual information, data completeness, and information enrichment.


Efficiently determine your dam-age control priorities through tailored alerts with precise risk analysis and suggestions for troubleshooting.